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Advice Process

Financial Planning Process

Step 1

An initial meeting is conducted to establish your Financial Planning needs, which takes approximately one hour.

At this meeting, we will discuss some strategic ideas about how to help with your circumstances and our fee structure so you will know what our charges will be before you engage us as your Financial Planners.

Step 2

The next meeting, which you should allow approximately 2 hours for, will involve gathering specific information regarding your financial and personal information. This will form the basis of the advice that we are going to provide you with.

At this meeting we would welcome you to ask questions regarding any area that you do not understand or wish to have clarified. We will also ask you to sign to confirm that you wish to proceed with your financial plan.

Step 3

We will identify the most appropriate strategies and perform any calculations, research and projections required to confirm these strategies. At this point we will also complete your financial plan, which consists of approximately 25-40 pages specifically tailored to your circumstances. There will also be appendices of general information for you to read at your leisure.

At this stage a meeting will be arranged with you to discuss the document in detail, which generally lasts about 2 hours. The strategies, implications, benefits and key topics will be explained in enough detail for you to make an informed decision of the action you would like to take. You will also have opportunity to ask further questions to clarify the advice being presented to you.

To proceed with financial plan you will be asked to sign the document when you understand and are comfortable with the advice being provided.

At this point we will also provide an invoice for the preparation of the plan. 

Step 4

We complete and lodge any required documents and ask you to sign them, to open any accounts, and begin the process of implementing the strategies. Sometimes this is quite quick, and may be completed in a matter of days. In other circumstances this can take some months - depending on the strategies to be commenced. 

Step 5

Dependent on the agreed service proposition we have recommended and you have agreed to, we will schedule a yearly or twice yearly review meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss your portfolio, insurances, strategies being used, legislative changes and changes in your personal circumstances. Of course should any change occur which needs to be communicated to you or us prior to these meetings we will make ourselves available for further appointments.

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